Bedre afkast i selskaber med mere fokus på S i ESG

    Investering i virksomheder med fokus på sociale spørgsmål og god governance betaler sig i i følge Blackrock –  verdens største kapitalforvalter. Disse investeringer har vist sig at være mere økonomisk modstandsdygtige under coronavirus-markedets nedbrud, Guardian.

    ”Investing in companies with better records on social issues and good governance pays according to the world’s largest asset manager, with those investments having proved to be more financially resilient during the coronavirus market crash.(…) BlackRock’s analysis, co-authored by the company’s vice-chairman Philipp Hildebrand, suggested that companies with stronger “social” scores on factors such as better customer relations and better workforce management did better in the turmoil, as did those whose boards were judged to be more effective and independent. (…) BlackRock said sustainable indices outperformed standard indices in market downturns in 2015-16 and in 2018. The outperformance also lasted through the market recovery, with 88% of sustainable funds losing less than their non-sustainable counterparts in the year to 30 April,” skriver Guardian.