I Goldman Sachs Sustainability Report løfter den amerikansk investeringsbank noget af sløret for hvordan de vil anvende 750 milliarder dollars til bæredygtig finansiering. Goldman Sachs meddelte i december 2019 at de ville allokere 750 milliarder dollars til bæredygtig finansiering frem mod 2030. I rapporten kan man læse om hvordan banken har tænkt sig at overleve udmeldingen.

Bankens ledelse skriver bl.a.:

In this report, we detail our progress in putting our views into action, including our commitment to deploy $750 billion in sustainable financing, investment and advisory activity by 2030; how we are leveraging the breadth of our expertise to broaden our sustainable finance capabilities across our businesses; as well as our continued commitment to prioritizing sustainability in how we manage our firm.

While we have been engaged in sustainable finance for the better part of two decades, 2019 represents a notable surge in momentum. During the year, we announced the formation of the Sustainable Finance Group to drive our efforts across our businesses. Our ambitions in this area are sizable. We have set a target of $750 billion in financing, advisory and investing activity over the next 10 years across these themes of climate transition and inclusive growth.

As significantly, we are weaving these capabilities across the firm, encompassing both how our divisions serve our clients and how we manage ourselves as an organization. Sustainable finance was front and center across our client interactions in 2019. We will go deeper into several examples in the pages that follow, but a few examples are worth highlighting here.

We worked with Enel to issue the first-ever general corporate purpose bond that links the payment of its coupon to the company’s goal of generating at least 55 percent of its power from renewables by the end of 2021. We created a new corporate cash management solution that prioritizes business with diverse broker-dealers.

And we established a new policy to only take public those companies in the US and Europe with at least one diverse board director (starting next year, we will increase our target to two). We also continued to deepen the integration of sustainable finance within our core work, from how we make and manage private equity investments, to how we steward assets as an active shareholder. Sustainable finance has been a powerful application of our One Goldman Sachs approach — mobilizing our best thinking across the firm on central questions for some of our largest clients.