Europa-Kommissionen har offentliggjort listen over medlemmer af platformen for bæredygtig finansiering (sustainable finance). Danske Signe Andreasen Lysgaard fra Institut for menneskerettigheder er på listen. Platformen vil rådgive Kommissionen om udviklingen af tekniske screeningskriterier for EU-taksonomien:

EU skriver:

The platform is an advisory body subject to the Commission’s horizontal rules for expert groups and is made up of experts from the private and public sector. This group of experts will have four main tasks

  1. Advise the Commission on the technical screening criteria for the EU Taxonomy, including on the usability of the criteria.
  2. Advise the Commission on the review of the Taxonomy Regulation and on covering other sustainability objectives, including social objectives and activities that significantly harm the environment.
  3. Monitor and report on capital flows towards sustainable investments.
  4. Advise the Commission on sustainable finance policy more broadly.

In selecting the members, the Commission struck a very careful balance in choosing people from a wide range of sectors including civil society, industry and academia, and with different skills. The platform will reach out to a wide range of stakeholders through both public consultations and targeted outreach.

In addition to the members selected through the call for applications, Directorate General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union (DG FISMA) directly appointed representatives from 7 public entities, namely the European Environment Agency, the European Investment Bank, the European Investment Fund, the three European Supervisory Agencies and the European Agency for Fundamental Rights.