Investor aktivisme markant stigende, viser international undersøgelse.

    I en gennemgang af tendensen skriver analysefirmaet CGLytics: ”Activist investors seek to unlock value (…) An activist entity will buy a material stake within a company, mobilize other influential investors for their campaign, and then seek to enforce their own goals for the company.

    The mechanisms through which they seek to achieve their goals often include: *Winning a seat on the board to advance their own agenda during boardroom discussions. *Installing a new executive team, with the new team focused on slashing costs, pushing for higher profit margins, and *Corporate restructuring including selling underperforming business units.

    There has been growth in the number of campaigns launched by investors engaging in activist activities from 2017 to today. In 2017, there were: 484 activist investor campaigns at; 428 companies; 101 successful campaigns (meaning they accomplished their stated goals); 63 were settled.  This equates to a 34% rate of success.  Campaigns carried out in 2020 (so far): 797 campaigns; 9% successful or settled; 38% either unsuccessful or withdrawn; and 53% announced, but were unable to gain traction or are ongoing.”