Millennials call on investment firms for better ESG information

    A study entitled Millenials & Responsible Investment conducted with Kepler Cheuvreux of 540 investors, 79% of whom were millennials, found over 80% of millennials were interested in making responsible investments.

    However, while they were receptive to the theme, only 9% were currently invested in a fund focused on sustainability. About half of respondents said perceived lower returns and higher fees associated with these types of funds would deter them from investing.

    Will Oulton, global head of responsible investment at First State Investments, said: “The questions of returns and long-term value are persistent and pervasive.

    “There is a knowledge gap there. Millennials say they are interested, but want to know more before making an investment.”

    Some 82% said more education was needed to drive interest in socially responsible investment and 40% thought there was a lack of information about the sustainable performance of funds.

    The report said: “While a slight majority of 57% of millennials thought the application of ESG would boost long-term returns, some responses indicated more promotion of how sustainable businesses are more profitable, especially over the longer term, was indeed required.