MKI formænd udnævnt til European Lab Steering Group



    Mæglingsinstitutionen for ansvarlig virksomhedsadfærds (MKI) nye formand, professor i Global Governance fra KU, Linda Nielsen er udnævnt til European Corporate Reporting Lab, der skal arbejde med EUs action plan for sustainable finanace


    The EFRAG General Assembly has appointed the Steering Group for the new European Corporate Reporting Lab (the ‘European [email protected]’). Brussels, 15 November 2018: EFRAG is pleased to announce that its General Assembly has appointed the members of the inaugural Steering Group of the European [email protected] (the ‘European Lab Steering Group’), selected from a broad range of stakeholder groups and national backgrounds. The appointment of the European Lab Steering Group members is for a two-year term and is subject to renewal. EFRAG Board President and Chairman of the European Lab Steering Group, Jean-Paul Gauzès, welcomed the new appointments noting, “in setting up the European Lab, EFRAG has responded to the call of the European Commission’s Action Plan on Financing Sustainable Growth. We are honoured to be able to draw on the diverse experience and impressive skillsets of the new Steering Group members, and I fully expect that they will fulfil a pivotal role in ensuring the European [email protected] delivers on its mission of sharing good practices and stimulating innovation in the field of corporate reporting in Europe.” Jean-Paul Gauzès is the Chairman of the European Lab Steering Group; the Vice-Chairman is Alain Deckers, European Commission. The newly-appointed members are:
    • Hilde Blomme, accountancy profession, Belgian
    • Ossian Ekdahl, company, Swedish
    • Simonetta Ferrari, company, Italian
    • Elisabeth Gambert, company, Austrian
    • Sebastien Godinot, civil society, French
    • Filip Gregor, civil society, Czech
    • Imre Guba, user, Hungarian
    • Albert Hasselmeyer, company, German
    • Nancy Kamp-Roelands, accountancy profession, Dutch
    • Esko Antero Kivisaari, financial services, Finnish
    • Arlene McCarthy, other stakeholders, Irish
    • Flavia Micilotta, user, Italian
    • J.Jason Mitchell, user, British
    • Linda Nielsen, academic, Danish
    • Steven Marcus Tebbe, civil society, German