Nasdaq Nordic launch ESG Data Portal to support sustainable investments

    Nasdaq (Nasdaq:NDAQ) announced today the launch of an ESG Data Portal to support sustainable investments across its Nordic markets. The Nasdaq ESG Data Portal is a centralized distribution point that offers investors access to standardised ESG data from Nordic listed companies, while listed companies are offered a platform to showcase their ESG data.

    The ESG Data Portal is built upon the Nasdaq ESG Reporting Guide, and serves as a bridge between issuers and investors focused on ESG issues. The portal adds to Nasdaq Nordic’s existing suite of ESG initiatives, including the ESG responsible OMXS30 Index Future and the Sustainable Bonds Market.

    “The Nasdaq Nordic exchanges are committed to the promotion of sustainable markets, and in our view the best way to promote ESG is to integrate it into the products and services that we offer,” said Lauri Rosendahl, President of Nasdaq Nordic and SVP of Global Trading & Market Services. “As a market operator, Nasdaq can support the future direction of ESG in the market, and the Nasdaq ESG Data Portal is an important step to facilitate a movement towards more sustainable investments.”

    The ESG Data Portal fulfills a need in the market for a centralized distribution point with standardized ESG metrics for investors committed to supporting sustainability. In addition to offering access to standardised ESG information direct from the issuers, the portal combines sustainability and performance metrics to make information actionable to investors that are accountable not only to sustainability metrics, but to financial returns.

    Suzanne Dahl, Vice President Nasdaq Global Information Services, added: “Nasdaq Nordic listed companies are at the forefront of sustainability, but there is a lack of central standardised information. At the same time, a global megatrend is creating investor demand for transparent, comparable and actionable ESG data. As a central hub in the market, we want to bridge that gap through our innovative new product, creating a standardized ESG reporting.”

    ESG reporting is encouraged but not a formal requirement for companies listed at Nasdaq Nordic. Currently, more than 160 listed Nordic companies, representing a combined market capitalization of EUR 213 billion, have submitted ESG information into the Nasdaq ESG Data Portal, with more being added on a regular basis.