Ni ud af ti investorer tvivler på, at klima risici er korrekt afspejlet

    Næsten ni ud af ti professionelle investorer tvivler på, at klima risici er korrekt afspejlet i de børsnoterede selskabers værdiansættelser, konkludere et survey fra Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA). Undersøgelsen fandt, at overvældende 87% af de adspurgte ikke mener, at markederne konsekvent og korrekt prissætter klimarisici i virksomheds- og sektorvurderinger. De mest skeptiske var investorer i USA og England (henholdsvis 97% og 95%) og lavest i Japan (77%)

    “Nearly nine in 10 investment professionals doubt that climate risks are being correctly priced into company valuations, a major poll reveals. The survey found an overwhelming 87% of respondents do not believe markets are consistently and correctly pricing climate risks into company and sector assessments.

    Disbelief was highest in the US and UK (97% and 95%, respectively) and lowest in Japan (77%, with 23% unsure). The poll, which comprised responses from nearly 300 asset managers, owners and advisors from around the globe, sought to explore whether the investment industry is successfully implementing the influential Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

    Established in December 2015, the TCFDs are viewed as a crucial tool to help companies identify and disclose consistent information about their material climate-related financial risks and opportunities. The recommendations are also applied to asset owners and managers in their reporting to stakeholders. According to the survey, while the number of organisations supporting the TCFD recommendations has grown, investors are generally dissatisfied with publicly-traded companies’ climate-related disclosures.”