Ny rapport fra GRI: Forretningsudvikling og samfundsansvar

    Sådan arbejder virksomheder, hvor strategi, forretningsudvikling og samfundsansvar er integreret: I en ny rapport fra GRI gennemgås blandt andet en stribe karakteristika for selskaber, som forfølger den integrerede tænkning:

    ”1. Societal issues are fully integrated into the company’s business strategy and decision making; the company’s response to societal challenges is recognized as a means of creating value that drives innovation, rather than as a compliance burden or about doing good.

    2. There is clearer view internally and externally of how value is created or destroyed, with a good appreciation across the management team of the interdependencies between the organisation’s activities and the capitals that it uses or affects. 3. Organizational silos have been broken, and there are flatter organizational hierarchies and greater levels of trust and responsibility, fostering greater collaboration across the company.

    4. Boards have greater levels of stakeholder diversity, and a stronger emphasis on the role of independent non-executive directors, whose focus is on optimizing rather than maximizing profits, and on encouraging social innovation and entrepreneurship.

    5. A sustainability steering committee reports directly to the CEO to ensure that societal goals, commitments and stakeholder needs are fully addressed.”