Sådan ser private investorer på de centrale problemstillinger omkring proxyrådgivere.

    I et survey kortlægger et konsulentfirma private investorers syn på proxyrådgivere, med fokus på de særlige problemstillinger, der ofte peges på.

    Det drejer sig blandt andet om følgende: 1. Conflicts of Interest 2. Robo-voting 3. Lack of Transparency 4. Errors in Reporting 5. Lack of Engagement with Issuers.

    Om interessekonflikter hedder det, at ”one large conflict for proxy advisors lies with consulting services. ISS provides company recommendations and sells consulting services on how companies can improve their performance for those same recommendations. This dynamic creates a “quid-pro-quo” environment and may jeopardize the objectivity or appearance of advisor recommendations. When informed of this potential conflict, 85 percent of retail investors indicated they were at least slightly concerned, while 66 percent indicated they were moderately to very concerned.”