Sandbag: The coal companies making Europe sick

    Produced with high-resolution atmospheric modelling, this new research reveals how air pollution from each of Europe’s 103 coal companies is damaging public health. To produce this report, Sandbag has joined forces with Europe Beyond Coal, Climate Action Network Europe, Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe and the European Environmental Bureau. 

    This report finds that just ten companies were responsible for an estimated two-thirds of the health damage caused by coal power plants in 2016. These companies caused a modelled 7,600 premature deaths, 3,320 new cases of chronic bronchitis and 137,000 asthma symptom days in children. This leads to an estimated 5,820 hospital admissions and over two million lost working days.

    Four of the ten most toxic companies have their main coal plants in Germany: RWE, EPH, Uniperand Steag. This is no coincidence: Germany burns more coal than any other country in Europe, and has done little to reduce air pollution from its coal plants in the last decade. Three of the ‘toxic ten’ are in Poland: PGE, ENEA and ZE PAK. The final three are: ČEZ in the Czech Republic, Endesa in Spain, and Bulgarian Energy Holding in Bulgaria.

    The Last Gasp – The coal companies making Europe sick