Sverige vil tvinge flyselskaber til at bruge biobrændstoffer

    Sweden is considering a new mandate that would force airlines to use biofuels to cut emissions. Reportedly, Sweden’s average aviation emissions are as much as five times higher than the worldwide average.

    According to The Local Sweden, Maria Wetterstand, the former leader of Sweden’s Green Party, was asked to investigate “measures to promote biofuels in flights.” Her report to the Swedish government is due on Monday.

    New government bills in Sweden frequently start out with an investigation. Once the investigation has been completed, the government decides if it is a good idea to move forward with a government bill. The government bill, in turn, eventually goes before parliament. If it is approved, it becomes a law.

    Maria Wetterstrand told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that, if approved, the new law could go into effect in 2021. At this time, however, only one percent of biofuel would be required. Nonetheless, in 2025, the law would become stricter. Finally, by 2030, emissions could be reduced by as much as 30 percent.

    Sweden Wants To Force Airlines To Use Biofuels To Cut Emissions