Sweden launches sustainability filters for private pension platform

    The Swedish Pensions Agency has introduced functions on its website enabling customers to to choose sustainable investment funds more easily on the country’s Premium Pension System (PPM) fund platform.

    Customers using the PPM – the defined contribution section of Sweden’s state pension provision – can filter out funds based on CO2 risk and a range of other activities that investors might not want to support.

    Erik Fransson, head of the Swedish Pensions Agency’s funds marketplace, said: “It will now be easier for all savers who want to include sustainability aspects in their fund choices for the premium pension. In this way, we are fulfilling the government assignment to make it easier for the savers who want to make sustainable fund choices.”

    The agency introduced new rules for the PPM’s fund marketplacelast autumn as part of a larger reform of the system, which is being overhauled following scandals around individual private pension providers. Providers have had to re-apply to continue offering their funds on the platform.