Rapport fra Proxy Preview (USA):
    This section of the report presents information on all the social and environmental proposals investors have filed for the 2018 proxy season that have surfaced so far.* Additional proposals for spring votes will show up as the season progresses and a dozen or so more are likely to be filed for meetings that occur after June. About 30 proposals are included in the aggregate totals but are not described in detail since they have yet to be made public. Consequently, the Proxy Preview encompasses the vast majority of social and environmental resolutions that shareholders will raise in 2018.

    Topic categories:
    Information is presented in six different categories—Environmental Issues; Social Issues and Sustainable Governance, Ethical Finance, Other Governance and Conservative Groups. The first three sections comprise nearly all of the proposals and corresponds with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) categories commonly used by investors. Ethical Finance includes a few more that raise questions about ethics and probity in financial dealings. Other Governance highlights key governance issues, such as high CEO pay, being raised by the investor community that this report does not track but is of interest to many shareholders. Investors with a conservative perspective also file a few resolutions opposing ESG reforms and those are discussed separately.