Top 10 Fastest Growing Green Startups in 2018

    Social entrepreneurship creates green industry, which helps to solve environmental problems through the development of innovative solutions. Some companies go green either to reduce environmental harm or to gain consumer support.

    Green startups face additional challenges brought on by their inherent “triple bottom line,” social responsibilityeconomic value and environmental impact. However, these ventures typically have founders with the passion and drive to rise above challenges, and they can grow fast while helping to protect the health of humanity and Earth. Green startups are attracting venture capitalists and are gaining new support from socially responsible investorsgreen investors, and popular crowdfunding platforms. (To learn more, see: Go Green With Socially Responsible Investing.)

    From healthy fast food to organic lawn care and alternative energy to grassroots organizations, here’s a list of 10 of 2018’s fastest growing green startups. These 10 green startups have built their businesses on a platform for a greater, greener world. (To understand going green, read: What Does It Mean To Be Green?). (For related reading, see: Easy Ways to Go Green and Stay Budget Friendly.)

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