Workforce rapportering skal forbedres hos de store virksomheder.

    Det engelske regnskabs-råd, Financial Reporting Council, ønsker at virksomheder bliver bedre til at rapportere om deres ansatte, herunder vilkår og tilfredshed: “Rapportering om arbejdsstyrkerelaterede spørgsmål skal forbedres for at imødekomme investorbehov og afspejle nutidig praksis,” konkluderer en rapport fra Financial Reporting Council’s Financial Reporting Lab.

    ”Reporting on workforce-related issues needs to improve to meet investor needs and reflect modern-day practices, according to a new report from the Financial Reporting Council’s  Financial Reporting Lab. Workforce-related matters such as working conditions, changing contractual arrangements and automation have all become areas of increasing investor focus in recent years and the Lab’s report reveals investors overwhelming support for clearer company disclosures. The paper offers practical guidance and examples on how companies can provide improved information to investors. It encourages corporates to think of the workforce as a strategic asset and explain how it is invested in, underpinned by data on the composition, engagement, retention and diversity of the workforce. “Despite regulatory focus over recent years and increasing company and investor interest, there is a lack of consistent disclosure on workforce matters,” the FRC said in a statement accompanying the report.”